Watching Snowpiercer w bae & fam

migraine migraine migraine migraine migraine 

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Bloopers Season 8 from user31504207 on Vimeo.

All it takes for me to get the faintest of sunburns is 8 hours in the direct sunlight of Utah and Nevada 


Comedy Bang! Bang! - Back To School Freestyle Rap Battle feat. Amy Poehler, Adam Pally, Scott Aukerman 

Justin and I had this rap on repeat on the road

Live from a motel room in Utah this just in: The Kid is the best movie evr

lounging cazh


Oreo is fat, barely mobile, and The Best.

Oh my god I’m a fucking stupid bitch and straight up delirious rn from exhaustion

Justin and I stopped at a Rest Stop in Kansas. While Justin was using the bathroom I stretched at the car (as pictured) and set my non sunglasses glasses on top of the vehicle.

Ten minutes later we’re miles away from the stop and I don’t have my glasses. We exit, go fifteen miles east, exit, get on the westbound ramp and return to the stop. Justin finds them in the gravel at the re entrance to the highway.

I drove away w my gd glasses on the top of my car.

Right in the middle of Kansas. Like right in the middle.

It’s 4:26am, Justin and I are spending the night in Rebecca’s living room in St Louis, I have 13hrs to drive tomorrow but every time I close my eyes to sleep I see the left lane of a curved highway coming at me while I continue straight to straddle the white line and eventually disappear off road, falling asleep at the wheel

My favsies Nick Kroll bit (IDK why it’s my fave it just stays with me) is when un bebe calls El Chupacabra 

Donde estan mis gafas del sol para bebes?

Ok he’s asking, ‘where are his baby sunglasses?’

A lot of my blonde will be a major casualty in today’s haircut so I would just like to say, I will remember you

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