The sun doesnt give a shit about you the stars aren’t proud of you the plants arent happy you exist I’m so tired of this fucking website


or or or, can assholes stop falsely accusing people of rape, and stop trying to take advantage of the judicial system? and then misinformed people on tumblr can not not go see a movie over a rape ACCUSATION.

Oh my god I knoooow right, h8888 this abyss of uncertainty, anon. If they’re innocent, the accusers are pieces of shit. If they’re guilty, they are the pieces of shit. 

Obviously what I think about these accusations or about anything, really doesn’t matter and what you think doesn’t matter either because you’re an anon on the website tumblr dot com and because I’m one consumer aged 18-24 and because everything is stupid and futile, anon. Everything sucks. You can’t feel any conviction in all this gray. Don’t message people who don’t matter. 

Get ya life, reblog some gifs, please stop anon messaging tumblr users. 

Can directors like, stop being rapists. Can everyone just like stop violating others, you know for the sake of being averagely decent, the protection of human individual dignity, and so I can go see X-Men and buy Blue Jasmine on blu ray


Well this is horrific yet fun

You know if he’s gone, like really truly gone, in a way, that kind of solves your problem. Like if he’s dead…I’m just saying that that’s a possible thing that could have happened to him. It could happen to anybody. And in this case, at least something good came out of it…you don’t have to have an awkward conversation.

It’s from the book “the fault in our stars” by john green.

gracias mariya 

genuine QQ: what’s this meme about a teen buying cigarettes and it being a metaphor? 

I get it.

double guns and a wink

I wish I weighed as little as my current budget statement 

Can marvel like, stop making the deadliest dudes fuckable beyond measure
Sebastian Stan has been on my radar since the covenant (lol) but lyyykkkk



My cousin is lowkey shittin on snap chat with the drawing skills😂😂😂

That nigga look like he can draw.

Gay of Thrones Episode 201: The Liar and the Hoes 

I’m more excited about the return of Gay of Thrones than of Game of Thrones tbqh imho

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